Selling Your Business
Maximizing the Value of Your Business, with the Respect Due a Peer

If you’ve had experience with other M&A advisors, you know that many will take an impersonal, cookie-cutter approach to evaluating your business. Most advisors have never built something from scratch, scraping together operating capital from friends and family; most advisors have never felt the pain of letting go a trusted employee, or the sheer joy in the moment you realize this is really working!

PennSpring is not most advisors. We are entrepreneurs and operators first, and have personally experienced every perspective of the M&A ecosystem. We are founders that have successfully sold our own businesses to some of the biggest names in Private Equity. We have acquired established companies and significantly scaled them to exit figures many times that of our purchase price. We have represented owners like yourself, achieving maximum value at sale through a proven process and conscientious approach.

Any advisor can package and post you to market, not unlike a used car. PennSpring is among the rare few that can intimately appreciate and communicate the core workings of your business - the fundamentals behind the numbers that make you most attractive to a select group of discerning buyers.


We have walked miles in your shoes, and we are our own testament to a process that gets results. For this most important step in your professional career, you deserve a peer and partner. You deserve PennSpring.

Preparing to Sell
Sale Success Best Practices, from Expert Operators and Deal Analysts

“Consultants”. As fellow entrepreneurs, that word immediately conjures images of boorish academics with no practical experience. But what if the consultant wasn’t leaving you with the “diagram-of-the-month”, but an actionable road map for getting your business polished for sale at maximum value? One designed by experts that have built and sold their own businesses, and have evaluated hundreds of others for acquisition? We roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your company, providing meaningful solutions across areas like succession planning, financial controls, tax and legal considerations, revenue composition, market penetration, valuation modeling and much more. It can take years to sufficiently prepare to succeed at sale, and even the most intrepid operators can make critical (and costly) mistakes along the way. An investment in expert guidance now can mean a sizable swing in your favor at the closing table.

Though the earlier the better, PennSpring can enter at any step of your process to guide you around the pitfalls, institute best practices and begin the gradual adherence to key performance indicators most vital to your buying audience. And we are flexible in our engagement – we can give you one-time or periodic business audits, on up to working as your daily embedded resource in the months leading to sale. We work with business owners individually, or conduct workshops and breakouts with trade groups and co-ops.


Greatness awaits those few who prepare...PennSpring is your bridge from private dream to dream realized.

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