Welcome, Central Pennsylvania Business Owners!

Are you looking to sell all or a portion of your business, without the hassle or cost of a broker? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been in your shoes. PennSpring is a collection of local entrepreneurs and operators that have enjoyed multiple successful exits across our own businesses; we are now putting this capital to work in south central Pennsylvania. We provide a substantial liquidity event for sellers, while allowing them to remain equity owners - giving them a great shot at a “second bite of a larger apple.” This is our core model: to partner with outstanding leadership, keeping the team and staff in place while we work toward greater heights together.

We work confidentially, and we can close quickly.


What we’re looking for:


  • $1 - $5 million of EBITDA

  • $5 - $30 million of revenue

  • A strong balance sheet

  • Growing product/service demand

  • Established go-forward leadership, or

  • Clear succession plan and personnel


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