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Zirtual Enhances Core Offering with Delegated’s “Virtual Assistants for Executives” Expertise


COLUMBUS, Ohio--February 13, 2024--Zirtual, providers of high quality virtual assistant services, announced today that it has acquired Delegated, a complementary national provider of elite virtual assistants. Like Zirtual, Delegated’s virtual assistants are US-based and college educated, and they are specially trained to work with small businesses and executives. Delegated has been recognized by preeminent publications:

  • The New York Times – “The new way is all about saving time.”

  • Wall Street Journal – “Deep knowledge, great recommendations.”

  • Entrepreneur – “On hand whenever you need them.”

Zirtual acquired Delegated from a group of entrepreneurial luminaries, including Grasshopper founder David Hauser and noted founder and author Dan Martell. With this acquisition, and now backed by the financial and professional resources of PennSpring Capital, Zirtual is ideally positioned to integrate additional providers and create value for their business owners.

Zirtual Ascending with Delegated and Future Partners

Zirtual was named to the exclusive U.S. News & World Report “Best Virtual Assistant Services of 2023” list, and was selected as the “Best for Bookkeeping and Financial Management” (view here). On the strength of this foundation Zirtual now seeks to acquire complementary virtual assistant providers.

“Delegated is a premium brand in virtual assistant services, and synergies abound within the Zirtual platform,” stated PennSpring Capital Managing Partner Lou Castelli. “Its team has built a truly exceptional company, and we look forward to helping maintain the current course – we’re simply combining strength to optimize customer success. Our model is one of inclusivity, retention and advancement. We believe the Zirtual platform has significant growth potential for all involved, and we look forward to partnering with other industry trailblazers.”



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