Private Equity

PennSpring Capital pursues majority equity investments that support a variety of situations, including management buyouts, recapitalizations and corporate carve-outs. We customize our transactions to address each owner’s specific liquidity and growth objectives. We work quickly and confidentially.

Investment Criteria

$10 - $50 MM

$2 MM - $5 MM

$3 - $30 MM



Transaction Size
Required Ownership
Transaction Types
Management Buyout

PennSpring Capital works with business owners who want to enter the next phase of their career. We can purchase a private business in partnership with its management team. We endeavor to provide liquidity to business owners, while management continues to share in the upside value we help create.


Like most successful business owners, you have a substantial portion of your net worth committed to your company. We can create a significant liquidity event while you continue to enjoy the benefits of running and growing your company. Further, by reinvesting (or “rolling in”) a portion of that liquidity, you may be able to benefit from future equity upside created through your partnership with us.

Corporate Carve-Out

We provide the necessary capital and knowledge to close on these complex transactions, and develop the go-forward plan to grow equity value. We partner with existing or new management to acquire orphaned divisions and establish stand-alone companies.

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