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Central Penn Business Journal has selected PennSpring Partner Andrew Rice as a 2021 Forty Under 40 recipient.

There is a New Leader in the Lower Middle Market

Founded in 2018 by proven entrepreneurs and self-capitalized from the proceeds of multiple outlier exits, PennSpring has evolved from family office to among the most active private equity firms in the country – with 10 acquisitions completed to date. From there, the natural progression for our unique combination of transaction expertise, financial acumen and sales & marketing heft has been to expand our focus to the other side of the table – where our success as operators, intermediaries and sellers gave rise to this platform. Welcome to the PennSpring Group, now the region’s preeminent source for both direct investment and sell-side services.

Two powerful wealth creation solutions for business owners in South Central Pennsylvania…and beyond.

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At PennSpring Capital, we unlock liquidity, empower growth and elevate executive careers. We are a people-forward investment firm, with a focus on EBITDA opportunities of $750,000 - $5 million. We have the agility to work with companies not yet ready for institutional funding – and the ability as operations and sales leaders to scale them to those heights. We partner with company management, roll up our sleeves and help get the job done.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With the 2021 acquisition of leading regional M&A advisory firm Norton Jackson, PennSpring Advisors has quickly become the sell-side partner of choice for the region’s business owners, having successfully completed a combined 24 transactions since 2012. As entrepreneurs first, we intimately understand small business considerations. We help achieve maximum value through a proven process and conscientious approach.


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